What are the Benefits of UL Listed Industrial Control Panels?

The UL Listing Mark on an Industrial Control Panel provides evidence of third party certification to North American safety standards to the purchaser of the panel.   

UL Listed Industrial Control Panels are constructed and marked to facilitate installation to the National Electrical Code and Canadian Electrical Code.  As such, the UL Listing Mark on an Industrial Control Panel is widely recognized and accepted by municipal inspection authorities.

The Listing Mark may be applied to a wide variety of designs, ranging from custom built to standardized designs.  Industrial Control Panels can be constructed and marked for general use applications as well as a number of special use applications.

Can Existing Used Panels be UL Listed?

No a UL Panel can only get a UL sticker with a serial number when it is newly built before it leaves and goes to the field.

Can Used Parts be Used in a New UL Listed Panel?

No, UL Listed panels need to have new UL listed parts inside the panel.

Do UL Listed Panels Need Drawings?

Yes they do need to have drawings and the panels need to match the drawings, in some cases the drawings might need to be updated during the process of building the panel.