The sensor in a flame scanner will read UV light at different ranges, IR.  ABB does make a sensor that will read both UV and IR called a dual sensor.  Each fuel source has a different range on witch the flame is best read at.  If you have the wrong sensor in place for you operation you will not get the most out


Basic operation:

  • Optical assembly collects the flame light to the sensor.
  • Produces an electrical signal proportional to the light and the wavelength.
  •  Analyzes the sensor’s electrical signal and computes the flame quality and status.

ecored  and

  • Communicates with the flame relays through the input/output interface.

Sensor head on flame scanner ranges based on the visible light spectrum and will depend on the fuel type.

The casing that these flame scanner’s have will withstand harsh environments,


SF810i Integrated Flame Scanner:

The Unisor SF810i integrated flame scanner and signal processing unit incorporates the latest automation technology and requires less hardware to provide safe and reliable boiler operations.

SF810-PYRO & SF810i-PYRO: 

On top of basic functions of SF810i & SF810 flame scanners, ABB’s latest SF810i-PYRO & SF810-PYRO flame scanners offer the “Live Flame Temperature” reading, a qualitative reading directly related to the burner combustion efficiency such as air fuel ratio and NOx emissions.

FAU810 & SF810 conventional flame scanner:

Targeting retrofits of outdated flame scanner systems, the Uviosr FAU810 signal processing unit and the Uvisor SF810 flame scanner system enable economical replacement of old/faulty flame scanner systems with separate scanners and analysis units.  By replacing only the absolutely necessary components, reuse of wiring, cabinets and other investments are maintained.

Flame Explorer: 

The ABB proprietary software enables real time monitoring of the flame status and diagnostics data.  Connects to the DCS via OPC and provides flame scanner values for use in control and monitoring.

ABB Flame Scanner Accessories: 

Accessories for your flame scanner may be needed.